Dear Cyclo Cross fan,

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We hope you enjoyed the World Masters Cyclo Cross Championships here in Suffolk. It was a huge relief for us to be finally able to organise an event without the worry of the Covid restrictions. Nearly 600 riders from 20 Nations competed and it was a pleasure to meet you all.

We have a huge favour to ask of you now, putting on these events is a massive undertaking and relies on securing investment from various sources, and to achieve this we need your help.

Click this link to our questionnaire asking some questions about your visit to Suffolk – Filling in these can be the difference between the chance to hold another event or not.

So, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t hit delete, Riders, Helpers, Spectators, or Officials – fill it in and return it and you may just be helping Cyclo-Cross and Cycle Sport to grow in the UK.

Thank you so much,

Steve Grimwood
Eastern Cyclo Cross Association
Event Director
2021/22 UCI Masters CX World Championships