Following some clear discussions with UCI management regarding gridding (or staging) we can report that selections based on previous results are not to be allowed in the UCI 2021 Masters Cyclo-Cross World Championships. Any form of gridding based on World, Continental, UEC, National or Regional Competition results is NOT permitted to be used or considered.

This is a direct instruction from the UCI primarily due to the absence of Masters category racing in several international territories or countries making this process unfair.

Gridding (or staging) will be carried out by a random number ballot as per previous Masters World Championships. This will be done in advance of the event as soon as possible after the closing date and will be published in advance on the event website.

Please DO NOT send us rider Palmares, result histories, or letters in an attempt to influence a gridding position as these will not be read or considered. There will be absolutely no exceptions to this.

The course design allows a fair start for all with a long straight Road Start and very wide open grass tracks before any course narrowing. From previous events, we can reassure you that a front-row position is not a requirement of success.

The UCI Commissaires decision on the day is absolute and final.

Picture Credit: Basil Thornton