Registration for the UCI 2021 Masters Cyclo-Cross World Championships is now closed.

World Masters 2021 – Entry selection Criteria

UCI Regulation 5.1.001 states that the following riders are not eligible:

  1. Any rider who has ridden in the UCI cyclo-cross world championships, continental championships or UCI cyclo-cross world cup during the current year,
  2. Any rider, who has been a member, during the current cyclo-cross season, of a team registered with the UCI,
  3. Any rider classified with at least 100 points in the UCI individual cyclo-cross ranking published after the first UCI cyclo-cross world cup event of the current cyclo-cross season.

All races are limited to a maximum of 140 riders

Please note – it is entirely possible that races may sell out in pre-registration before any riders are accepted.

We strongly recommend you pre-register for the event as early as possible. Please make sure you click past the “Closed” Entry screen and join the Waiting List. This does not mean it is sold out or full – please read further for full details on how we will allocate places.

From the 1st September – Pre Registrations open for all races  – This allows all Riders in all categories to register for the event but will not take any payment or accept your entry at this stage.

Our team will assess all registrations as they come in and we will firstly accept riders with a non-GBR UCI Code – up to 50% of the available places in each race. This is to allow non-GBR Riders some time to make their travel arrangements and to ensure a good representation of Nations, worthy of a World Championship event.

We will then accept any defending CX Masters Championship Medalists – These may include World, Continental and National Championship riders.

This will generate emails to those riders giving them until the 30th September to complete and pay for their registration to secure their place.

From the 1st October – For riders with a GB UCI Code, we will look at the results from the first National Trophy Race at Derby (18th/19th September) and accept GB riders who finished in the top 10 of each category or any other similarly ranked riders from outside the UK.

This will be the “2nd selection” and those Riders will then be added to the start list in the order of pre-registration.

From Mid October – We will continue to accept GBR riders in batches based on results and rankings where possible, whilst allowing non GBR riders automatic entry up to 50% of the available places.

From 1st November – We will then accept all remaining places from the initial pre-registration list based on a first come first served format from the riders registration date, if the race is full from that point then no further entries will be accepted.

If after accepting all remaining pre-registered riders there are still any spaces, entries will be automatically accepted as riders enter until the maximum is reached.

22nd November – Entries Close. No entries will be accepted after this date.

2nd December – Final Entry lists published. We will publish start lists once signing-on has closed.

All entries will be booked and managed via RiderHQ, the specialist online cycling event booking service provider.

The category which will be applied for entries to races for the entire season is the category to which the rider will belong on 1 January of the following calendar year.

For 2021, rider selection will be based on the following years of birth:

Women and Men Masters 35 – 39 years 1983 to 1987
Women and Men Masters 40 – 44 years 1978 to 1982
Women and Men Masters 45 – 49 years 1973 to 1977
Women and Men Masters 50 – 54 years 1968 to 1972
Women and Men Masters 55 – 59 years 1963 to 1967
Women and Men Masters 60 – 64 years 1958 to 1962
Women and Men Masters 65 – 69 years 1953 to 1957
Women and Men Masters 70 – 74 years 1948 to 1952
Women and Men Masters 75 +  years 1947 and before
Refund and cancellation policy.

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Friday 3rd December 2021

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