“Fully vaccinated travellers from the US and EU will be allowed to enter England without quarantining”

Today the UK Government Ministers announced that fully vaccinated travellers to the UK from the EU and US are no longer required to quarantine, this is great news for our riders and one which we hope will ensure a good participation from outside the UK.

It’s getting close now….

The website is now into final testing and almost ready to go live in August. We are just making final checks and adding final information and we will be launching very shortly, don’t fear we will announce it everywhere once it’s live so you will be unlikely to miss it, but do keep checking back. The website should have all the answers to any question you may have.

Our final checks are ensuring our entry system is fair to all and we are currently just refining a few criteria. We don’t want to open the entries to a first come first served and find races filled with UK Masters before our overseas entrants have a chance to enter. We want a fair and varied entry representing as many different nations as possible. Each race will have a participant limit of 120 riders.

We envisage that the entries will first open to non GBR Riders – this is an acknowledgement that if traveling from outside the UK – especially outside Europe you need certainty on your entry and more time to make travel arrangements. We fully understand that it’s harder to arrange logistics when you are arriving from the USA or Canada than from the UK.

Therefore, we are planning to give Non GBR Riders a 2-3 week window to pre enter before opening to general GBR entries.

Entries after the Non GBR window will be on a first come first served basis, due to the lack of racing in the last few years and to the fact that some riders will have previously been outside the age categories for Masters Racing any sort of selection based on previous rankings would generally be unfair. We may however hold back a small number of places to ensure medallists from the preceding Masters Championships will have an accepted entry.

Please check the requirements carefully before making any arrangements to travel. For the latest up to date information regarding travel restrictions & quarantine requirements please visit the UK.GOV website which can be found here:

Keep checking back – It’s nearly time!

Keep on training.