I am pleased to be able to share with you the latest update regarding the World Masters Cyclo Cross 2021.

Following productive and close discussions with our venue host, event partners, local authority and the UCI I am pleased to be able to say that despite the ongoing challenging Covid situation and the continuation of travel restrictions into the UK we are still pushing on with our plans and are very hopeful of still bringing you a UCI World Championships to be proud of.

I am happy to share openly with you some updates regarding our recent conversations.

We have asked some specific questions to the UCI for their consideration – so that we can pass on some clear and up to date information to you:

Q. What is the last cut off date to cancel the event should international travel not resume?

A. We have committed to October 5th as a cut off date for event cancellation should restrictions not be such as to allow the event to properly take place. This gives 2 clear months notice to participants. It was felt by all that this was an acceptable timescale and this would be the earliest date that a full cancellation would be announced. However – we reserve the right to cancel later should circumstances dictate.

Q. Is there a Regulation that specifies how many Nations need to be present to still qualify as a World Championship?

A. There is NO CURRENT UCI Rule regarding the participation make-up of a Masters World Championships. For this we are free to make our own judgment, the UCI are happy for us to proceed whatever the international situation. It was pointed out that whilst there may still be restrictions on travel, this can change at very short notice and there might well be international participants already located in the UK who wish to compete. Therefore the event will proceed as long as local conditions allow.

Q. What options are there for a UCI National event or alternate event as a plan B?

A. There are no real options to introduce a UCI Cat event as an alternative as if there were travel restrictions preventing the World Masters they would also impact any UCI Event. A domestic event could be an option but this will be dependant on discussions with British Cycling and the impact on the UK national calendar, any alternate event would not be discussed publicly until after October 5th.

Q. What options are available to us regarding Gridding and Qualification Procedures?

A. Gridding based on previous Masters World Championships can be acceptable but any form of gridding based on Continental or National competition is NOT to be used or considered, due to the absence of masters category racing in some territories or countries (such as Spain for example). We expect to engage a ‘1st row’ gridding system based on previous medalists of the World Masters Championships ONLY. Beyond that, it will be done ‘Belgian Style’ with a single number being drawn at random then riders being called in numerical order. The Commissaires decision on the day will be absolute and final.

Qualification for UK riders may take place in the younger masters age groups to ensure space for International participants. Exact details will be posted when entries go live. Races will be limited to 120 participants per age group.

Race Schedules

Full details of race schedules will be live before the end of July – we are currently working on the following:

Friday 3rd December – Older Masters age groups
Saturday 4th December – Younger Masters age groups
Sunday 5th December – Open racing to include events for Youth, Junior & Senior Categories

Entries are planned to ‘go live’ at the beginning of August.

Best wishes,

Steve Grimwood
Event Director
World Masters CX 2021