We are delighted to announce that entries are now open for the UCI 2021 Masters Cyclo-Cross World Championships. We are using a waiting list system, which successfully launched on 1st September as planned and can now be accessed via our Race Entries page along with full entry details and criteria.

We have given a lot of consideration to how we schedule the events and age categories this year. Please remember this is still not normal times for Public events and many of our fellow riders from outside the UK are still subject to significant Travel Restrictions. Add to this the Regulations concerning large events are still developing with new requirements such as vaccination passports still being considered.

Many people may be frustrated that we are restricting the Races to 120 Riders and that we have chosen to combine some Age Groups, We do not do this lightly. However, to separate all age groups into individual races at this stage where rider numbers could be unpredictable would be impossible with the existing race durations. We could have cut the length of all races drastically to squeeze more in but we felt this would be unpopular and compromise the racing. Or, we could have added another Day of Racing to the event which could have caused Travel issues for many and challenged the viability and availability of Volunteer provision for the event.

We were also aware that we could almost certainly fill the event to capacity with just GBR Riders due to the popularity of masters Racing in the UK and due to the lack of events over the last 2 years, however, this would not be in the spirit of a World Championship Event. We will monitor this year’s event closely and make Rider numbers projections from the data and look to use this to schedule next years event accordingly.

Ideas for 2022 include Qualification Criteria based on National Rankings or extending the event to 4 Days, no decisions on this however will be made until after this year’s event.

Please be understanding, and remember that this is the first time back for a while and we are all treading new ground. Let’s make it a great event and one to build on for 2022.